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3 Things You NEED Before You Even Think Of Doing SEO


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Posted On July 12, 2018

I’ve been asked on many occasions about the right way to do SEO.  If I had to break it down, it would be creating the best content you can and good networking skills.

Why networking?

Because that’s how you’re going to get people to:

  1. share your content.
  2. link to your content.

If you’ve owned a website for more than a week you know that spammy emails and contact form submissions are a daily thing.

When you put in the time to network with other content creators, the shares and links happen naturally.

Tool #1 – A Dedicated Networking Email Address

You’re going to want to separate your networking emails from your day to day and business email account.

You will be doing so much outreach that you will NEED to stay organized.

I recommend setting up an email with your first name so it seems personalized when you reach out to other content creators.

You can setup an email address easily in cpanel, or use a 3rd party service like Gsuite or ZOHO.

Tool #2 – Your List of Search Operators

How are you going to know where to start looking for link building opportunities?

There are some automated tools that can do this for you. But I’d suggest starting with finding them on your own.  Once you figure this out, using the tools becomes easier and more effective.

Wondering what a search operator is? It’s a query you type right into Google to get specialized results.  like if you were to type you will get a list of all the pages on a that particular website.

Here are some examples:

(keyword means your niche or topic)

Broken Link Building Queries

  • Keyword intitle: useful links
  • Keyword inurl: resources

Guest Posting Opportunities

  • keyword intitle:”write for us” 
  • Keyword “become a contributor”

I’ll be adding a list of several hundred of these that are useful for doing SEO.

Competitive Intelligence Tool

Doing natural SEO helps everyone find the best content.  That’s why link building is still such a strong indicator in Googles algorithm.

You’re going to have to compete for links with your competition to really get ranking really well. 

So you need a good tool to find out who is linking to your competition, so you can reach out and try to get the link instead.

I recommend using or to find out who is linking to your top competitors.

Once you find out who is linking to them and to what piece of content, find that content and create something better.

If your competitor has a list of “10 ways to do blank” make a list of “20 ways to do blank” but make it more detailed, add more images and make it better in every way you can.  Then send an email to the linking site and say:

Hey I noticed your linking to “blank” article.  I recently created this “better resource” check it out and let me know what you think, if you love it maybe link to “my site” instead.

Thats it! Do this 10 times and you are sure to get a couple really powerful links!


Good SEO really is just a matter of being a good networker.  Send as many emails as you can praising good content, and finding opportunities for links and shares and over the course of several months you will easily get links and shares every day.

Want more? Be sure to check out our list of SEO best practices.

Written by Troy

Well rounded digital marketer. I like to read, write, and solve problems. I am currently creating tools to help businesses thrive in the new economy.

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