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Our Twitter Growth Formula | 3 Tools To Grow Your Business and Traffic

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Posted On December 27, 2017

Twitter is still alive and well!

In fact if your just starting out there are HUGE opportunities to be had with Twitter still.

Gary Vee is well known for being on top of new media platforms but recently said:

When people ask me what the best tip is for their new business, or any business for that matter, the answer often surprises them: Twitter. It is still the only open cocktail party on the internet.

This is true in the sense that you are open to go out, use Twitters search features at find a conversation and insert yourself into it.  This can’t be done on Facebook or any other social network that I am aware of.

If you’re hungry to grow your online presence I would recommend setting aside a solid hour a day to get on Twitter and start interacting with people who are interested in your niche.


Find the Relevant People in Your Space

Head on over to a free tool called Followerwonk

Click on the search bios link that will take you to a screen where you will be able to find influencers in your space.

followerwonk bio search bar

Type in a key phrase that someone in your niche would have in their profile.  Even better select “Twitter bios only” from the dropdown menu, that will make followerwonk only search the “bio” section of the persons profile.

What comes up next will be a list of Twitter users who are involved in your niche.  These are people you should start talking and networking with, see what they post about and who they are talking to.  Pro hack: click the “Social Authority” heading to sort from highest to lowest.  I’m not entirely sure what is taken into account for social authority, but from what i have found, they are the most active in their communities.

{social authority image here}

Dig Deep Into These Twitter Profiles

After you find a couple influencers in your space, go to their profiles and see what kind of engagement they are getting.  Make a note of any tweets that are getting an unusual amount of attention.  What works for them will probably work for you too!

You are going to want to find out as much as possible about these people, so next head over to Twitonomy. Here you can put in the individual users you found on Followerwonk to hack their growth strategy.

You will need to log in through twitter and allow the app to read your tweets etc. It’s all just to gather the data you are looking for.

So I noticed that @northcountryken was quite the influencer in the indoor gardening space. I looked through his tweets to get a feel for what he is posting and think I would like an audience similar.  So now put the users @ tag into twitonomy and a whole screen of info will come up.

{twitonomy stats pic here}

From here you can see how many tweets per day they do, how often they are retweeted, number of mentions and more.

What I find most useful is the next section of stats that includes:

  • Users who they retweet the most
  • who they reply to and how often
  • users they mention in their posts
  • Hashtags they have used most

This gives you a great idea of who else is Tweeting and influencing in your niche.

You are going to want to look through more users you see in these stats and make a list.  You should follow these people, retweet them, add them to custom lists and so on.

Insert Yourself Into The Right Conversations

The last section of stats in that image, the one that is all about hashtags.  You will find that people either put a LOT of thought into the hashtags they use, or none at all.  The beauty of twitonomy is you get to see the research other users have already done.

Make a list of hashtags you find from these profiles that interest you and go to  This tool is free to use but does have a membership level to get more data.  I actually joined their basic membership level which I think is around $9 per month.

This is where you are going to use that list of hashtags you made.

Funny enough this guy we were researching doesn’t have any useful hashtags OR the people he talks with on twitter.  This is an unusual case and I should have found someone before hand that would have been a better example. Anyway, I put in the hashtag #indoorgardening to see what was going on there. This was a good place to start since the hashtag is moving up in the trends.

Even better hashtagify suggested more great hashtags to use including:

  • #gardening
  • #urbangardening
  • #plants
  • #houseplants
  • #indoorplants

Checking on these hashtags daily and talking with people using them are more than likely going to help me build relationships with the people i want to be talking with. As I plan out my tweets I know that using these hashtags are going to be useful too.

Other helpful ideas

Make custom lists, when a user is added to a list they get a notification and usually want to know why you find them so special.  I create a list for every Twitter account that belongs to a site i own called “Want To Know.” When someone gets that notification they almost always will engage with you and follow you back.


Twitter is awesome.  It is the only level playing field where you can come on brand new and start getting the attention you want.  I would recommend taking the first 90 days you are promoting your website spending 1 to 2 hours on Twitter every day to build your base audience.

What have you found helpful for growing your twitter presence? Let me know in the comments!


Written by Troy

Well rounded digital marketer. I like to read, write, and solve problems. I am currently creating tools to help businesses thrive in the new economy.

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