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Attacking Verticals

I’ve heard it a million times. You need to niche down to scale up.

To this point I’ve taken any client in any niche. I’ve had steady business mostly for almost 2 years. I haven’t been getting rich but I’ve been able to afford what my family needs. But then my wife got sick with severe Hyperemesis Gravadarum, I wasn’t able to work for a few months. I was taking care of her and our kid, while trying to run a business. It was really hard.

Trying to recover and get clients to start flowing back in was a struggle (still is). It’s only been a month since she has gotten better.

I’ve taken courses on marketing. One specialized on getting digital marketing clients.  They all talk about niching down but I was too stubborn. I have thought I could be a generalist and get any client I wanted.

I’ve been making cold calls – sometimes 30 per day. I was getting so frustrated. I’m usually able to generate a solid lead with every 10 calls I make. I wasn’t getting anywhere. Till last Friday. I decided to try niching down.  I’ve done a great job on several websites indifferent verticals. I spent the day making a list of every business I could find in my state in the each vertical I’ve worked in. I made just a few calls and it seemed like a miracle. I’m seeing success already. I can’t believe it took me so long to try this.

Today I’m going to call them all.

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