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Authority Site Follow Along

Owning an authority site is the internet dream.

One that ranks well in search engines every time you post a new article, attracts social media followers naturally, and well... makes enough money to live off of.

I'm starting a brand new authority site and am going to document the process here.

First week

The Plan:

I'm using a domain I have owned for a while.  I'm unsure if the "aged domain" thing is a myth or reality, but I think it will help that it's not brand new when trying to rank in Google.

I'm making it simple and using the Performag theme from Thrive themes, because they include a lot of tools to collect leads, and do marketing properly.

I think Divi would have been a good option too using their Bloom and Monarch tools. But I'm sticking with Thrive.

It's tough to gain traction right away so I created a Twitter page first.  I'm going to use Rewst to grow the account and get the initial traffic, to retarget on Facebook.

I'm also creating a few quick posts that I'm curating from YouTube using a YouTube cut-up style post.

Results from week one:

  • 2 pieces of content published
  • 70 Twitter Followers from using Rewst.

I'll also post the info for the site once it's more established.  It's easier when you don't have someone copying you right away 😉

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