Creating an email address with your domain after the @ is one of the most important things to do with your new website.

It shows that your a professional, and it’s much better for marketing when you do cold email.

Step #1

Log into cpanel.  You can find this by going to your domain and adding /cpanel – for instance if your domain were you would go to

Step #2

Find the section titles “Emails”

Click on “email Accounts”

This will bring you to the email setup screen.

Here is where you will select what you want your email to be. I recommend using your first name or first name with an initial.

Next type in your desired password.

Type the password again to confirm.

Select the size of the mailbox. If this is for you I’d select unlimited. But if it’s for someone else you could limit the MB allowed so it wont eat up your hosting disk space.

Then click “Create Account”

Once You’ve set up your account you will be able to access your email account by going to your domain name.  an example would be

Here you can use your email address and password you chose and you are in and ready to go! You’ve created an email account using Cpanel.

Next I’ll show you how to set up a 3rd party email service called Zoho.