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Does The Website Platform Matter?

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Posted On October 22, 2019

I came across an interesting question on Quora. The person asked

“I found out my website is made using wix and I paid a lot of money for it. Should I be annoyed?”

At first glance I thought YES!

But thinking it through I agree with most of the answers with a solid no.

Let’s start with the reason I think it doesn’t matter

Let me be clear, I wouldn’t recommend Wix or Squarespace to anyone because I favor the open source platforms like WordPress and October CMS.

But the average person doesn’t know what they need. If the developer carefully considered what you needed and determined it could be done with Wix and it wasn’t specified to NOT use a drag and drop builder than I think it was just a developer being resourceful and getting the job done.

And for the average business that’s not doing any form of digital advertising it should be just fine.

Do I Think Matters?

YES! Having an open source platform allows you to grow, add functionality when needed, allows you to work with any developer or developer friendly service.

You don’t know the extent of how much your going to grow, what technology is going to change and the ways having open source technology can benefit you in the long run.

I ran an appointment today for a business that I think is going to explode digitally.

By building on an open source platform we’re going to be able to add courses, drip feed content with each payment, accept online payments from the best processor, run automated marketing campaigns.

Wix just wouldn’t cut it.

Written by Troy

Well rounded digital marketer. I like to read, write, and solve problems. I am currently creating tools to help businesses thrive in the new economy.

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