This is step #1 when you’ve launched your new business. In order for people to know your in business you need to get on the phone and start telling people about it.

I had initially set a goal to do 100 cold calls per day. That’s a tough number to hit! If you’re reading this I may have even cold called you at some point. Thinking about it now 10 to 20 calls per day (consistently) should have you well on your way to growing your business.

Where to find people to call

This isn’t a hard task but depends on the type of business you’re in. Honestly I’d start with the phone book. The ones that get dropped on your porch a couple times a year. If you’re in B2B start calling businesses, if you’re B2C start calling people. I’m no lawyer but I think if they’re listed you can call them.

What should you say when they answer?

You should have a script for every scenario. For the first call, the second call, the voicemail – YES leave a voicemail at every call that you can! I could build a whole campaign off of voicemails – have scripts for calling people who requested a call back, for people who weren’t interested last month, pretty much every scenario.

Simple cold call formula

Here is the basis of a great cold call.

state your name and say “the reason I’m calling is…”

Say the reason you’re calling – If you’re wanting to tell them about your product say so, if you’re wanting to schedule a sit down appointment also say so – this is so important because so many people think they’re trying to pull some trickery here, resist that urge and just tell them what you’re trying to do.

Agitate a problem they might be having. If you’re in pest control say something like “I know the spiders are out in your area, and they’re getting bad right now”

Offer solution – This is what I do

Call to action – Can we come apply our product this week? Can we sit down on Friday to discuss…?

Sample script

Let’s run with the pest control model here, this is a sample of what you could say when calling consumers in your area.

“Hi there, my name is Bobby, I’m the owner of Bobby’s Pest Poppers. The reason for my call today is I know the spiders and flies are getting really bad in the Layton area and we offer a quick solution to get rid of them. Could I stop by tomorrow and give you a free estimate?”

Easy as that! If you were to do that 100 times a day you’d be raking in money in no time at all!

Next post in this series tomorrow, it’s going to be about cold email.