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The Ultimate List Of Traffic Sources

Posted On March 15, 2018

We all want more traffic right?

Most of us can’t wait to see readers coming to our sites.  The Google analtics chart moving upwards, comments coming in from real readers (not just spammers). And knowing all the hard work you put into your content is finally being put to use.

I’m gonna show you a list of endless ways to get traffic. Here we go!

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is nice because its free!  But it takes work to build the organic traffic pipelines.

SEO – (Search engine optimization) getting organic traffic to your pages from Google and Bing is very rewarding.  It shows that your content is not only good, it’s worth getting searched for organic search terms and answering peoples questions.

Facebook – Facebook has a massive pool of people who visit almost every day.  Most people these days use Facebook to connect with brands and blogs they like.  You can build a following on the platform over time, and get visitors to your site every time you post an update.

Twitter – Twitter is underestimated if you ask me! It is the only platform out there where you can join any conversation and connect with influencers.  If you get on there, post about what you’re interested in using hashtags, and interact with others with the same interests you will build a massive following on Twitter.

Instagram is my favorite social media platform.  It’s fun to create interesting posts and you can get out there and network just like on Twitter.  You can’t post links but there are strategies for getting visitors, that are well worth the time.  Studies show that Instagram users are more engaged that visitors from any other platform.

Paid Traffic

Google Adwords – The big daddy of them all. Adwords is an ocean of traffic and the targeting is top notch. For most small businesses, this is the first place to start.

Facebook Ads – This one is obvious.  EVERYONE is talking about Facebook ads.  They have amazing interest based targeting options. And along with Facebook comes Instagram ads too. There are a few objectives which I recommend with Facebook ads.

Yahoo Gemini – Gemini is a native advertising platform that is highly underrated.  Prime spot to run your advertorial type ads. Especially in the finance niches.

Taboola – Taboola is like the slightly less regulated version of Outbrain.  They have premium ad spots on popular websites in the likes of Forbes or ESPN.  Also a great place to try advertorials and ad arbitrage.

Revcontent – Like the even less regulated cousin of Taboola.  You can really experiment with what’s going to work on this network, then adapt to other native ad networks when you’re looking to scale.

Twitter ads – Can’t forget this one! Honestly one of my favorites.  Did you know according to Twitter themselves their user base is mostly affluent millenials? A high percentage are college educated and have above average incomes? I’d start with their video ads.

Email Ads

You know what makes email traffic so good?  When someone mails your offer, commonly called a solo ad, people already trust the message because it’s coming from someone they know.  It’s the perfect preframe, and this results in more leads and sales.

Dedicated emails – manages large email lists that you can rent like a solo ad.  They are top quality and an easy way to get highly targeted traffic.

Push Notifications

Push notification is the hottest traffic source of 2019.  And it’s about half the cost of other traffic too

Ad-Maven – one of the new up and comers in the push notification space.

Written by Troy

Well rounded digital marketer. I like to read, write, and solve problems. I am currently creating tools to help businesses thrive in the new economy.

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