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9 Tools You Will Need To Grow an Online Business

Posted On December 21, 2020

Have you had a business idea you have wanted to start online for a while now?

Looking for ways to grow your existing online business and need a starting point?

I’ve got what you need right here! Feel free to skim headlines and find the tools that are right for you at the time, but check back often, we always keep these lists updated, and if something doesn’t fit anymore, we will let you know about it.

1 – ClickFunnels

First you need a way to collect leads, nurture the leads and sell your products and services right? Look no further than Clickfunnels! They make it really easy to get up online, collecting leads through email opt ins and selling your products in no time. Cleck out this video below to see what it can do for you:

2 – Canva or Placeit

You need a way to start distributing your content and these tools will help you create social media graphics for ANY platform so you can get busy right away getting your stuff out there to be shared, viewed and in front of your people. I’d recommend starting a page on every social media platform with your business name. 1st) so you claim your listing and 2nd) to figure out where your audinece is hanging out.

3 – WordPress

You are going to need a blog and a way to create content. You can just publish on other platforms in the beginning but a blog is going to be the best place to keep all of your content, distrubute it and get search traffic to bring people into your funnels. Yes, clickfunnels integrates perfectly with WordPress so don’t worry.

4 – Spyfu

This i the best platform to see where you rank in Google searches as well as doing research to find out what type of content you should be publishing. Spyfu is reasonably priced and is great to get you started at pulling in traffic from Google.

5 – Tag O’mattic

On social media you can join a conversation around what you do and find pools of people interested in what you offer by using hashtags. I use a free IOS app called Tag O’matic to find relevant hashtags around my business expertise and use them on Instagram and Twitter

6 – FPtraffic

This is a great tool when it comes to quick social media curation. It finds content for you that you can add your commentary and keep active on your social media profiles. This one is a life saver and can create a whole month of content for you in just a couple hours

7 – Data Axle Genie

Whether your in business-to-business or business-to-consumer you can find leads on Data Axle Genie. The fastest way to get revenue flowing into your business is to pick up the phone and start calling. This is the place to find that info.

8 – Upwork

You are goign to hit a point where you don’t know how to do someting or don’t have time. Upwork will save you. It’s a global marketplace for online jobs. You can post a job and instantly have 10 to 20 applicants who are ready and able to do what you need. I use this frequently and it’s always a great experience.

9 – An ad account

We prefer Google and Twitter ads for content distribution but Facebook isn’t a bad place to start either. Before you get started on ads be sure to take a course like Adskills to learn the ropes or hire a professional like us; otherwise ad networks can eat cash like a hungry garbage disposal if you go at it without some help.

Need help with any of these? Contact us today!

Written by Troy

Well rounded digital marketer. I like to read, write, and solve problems. I am currently creating tools to help businesses thrive in the new economy.

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