When You Should and When You Shouldn’t Think About SEO

Posted On July 23, 2019

I’ve built and launched many websites for clients and normally one of the first things they want to do is “work on their SEO and get rankings”

This is not the time to be thinking about where your website ranks in Google. It doesn’t rank now, and it’s not going to for a while.

Basically what I’m saying is if your site is less than one year old or you have less than 10 articles with a minimum of 700 words each, you SHOULD NOT work on SEO, but should instead do the following:

Create Content For Your Market

Your market is the group of people that need, want, and will buy your product or service. They want to know how you can solve their problems. Create content specifically for them. Whether video, audio or a text based blog post, you need to have content.

Know Your Customer

Now you’ve got your valuable pieces of content put together, that’s great! Now niche down who your customer really is by creating a customer avatar. If you don’t know what a customer avatar is watch this video.

Promote Your Content

Now that we have that info you should promote your content to these people. Thankfully we have the internet and it’s as easy as creating an ad on Facebook, Twitter, linkedin or anywhere really. They all allow you to target people who fit your customer avatar.

Now you are building an audience of people who know who you are, like what your produce and are likely to do business with you. Next you could get more granular with your ads and start retargeting, but that’s a post for another day.

But I’ve Got Content, My Site Has Some Age And I’m Ready For SEO

Ok, good. This is the time to start optimizing your site for Search Engines.

Our next post is going to be about the first steps for doing your own SEO.

Written by Troy Coroles

Well rounded digital marketer. I like to read, write, and solve problems. I am currently creating tools to help businesses thrive in the new economy.

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