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Why You Need To Post Daily on Facebook

Posted On December 22, 2020

A while ago I decided Facebook pages were dead.

I was convinced that posting to them was a waste of time unless you were creating an ad.

I came across a inexpenive course on selling social posting as a service and bought it just to see what it was about, then tried it with a client to test the results.

My client got 3 new high ticket clients within the first month

What I found out is that organic social media is still performing well for many businesses, just in a different way; let me explain.

People are on Facebook every day (find stat)

When they are looking for businesses or services they need instead of switching to Google like I thought they might, they just tap the search bar and type it in.

(Find image)

Facebook has a business listing similar to Google with a map but you can see what the business is up to, what their stuff looks like and reviews.

And here’s a fact; people judge you based on your Facebook page. If it’s not active and showing what your business is up to, but you have a competitor that does, guess what? Your competitor is going to take that business!

The Facebook Search Algorithm

There is another benefit to posting every day. The Facebook search algorithm is going to show YOU before your competition when you’re giving Facebook what they want. Content.

I noticed pretty quickly that the insights on this clients page started showing a lot more impressions, they got more likes and messages from people needing service.

3rd Benefit

People refer you to their friends! I saw this happen several times where a person tagged a friend in a recent post suggesting they try the service.


Facebook pages are a very important part of your business. Even if you don’t have a ton of followers it is easily worth your time and will produce a hefty ROI when you invest in the effort of posting.

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Written by Troy

Well rounded digital marketer. I like to read, write, and solve problems. I am currently creating tools to help businesses thrive in the new economy.

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